Terms of use

Products and Services

The products and services of Amadada Software Inc. are designed to provide current, authoritative information. The company is not, however, engaged in rendering any form of professional advice, which should be sought from a competent professional in the relevant field.

Subscription Period

SREDable products are sold on a claim by claim basis. Our software products have a 12 month subscription period, which is only valid for one user / company for one claim year, after which time you will receive an automatic renewal invoice.

Cancellation and refund policy

No refund will be granted for SREDable products unless the claim fails to meet CRA requirements and Fee Insurance is purchased.

License adjustments

If you wish to exchange or upgrade a product at some point during your subscription period, a upgrade fee (debit or credit) will be issued to your account.


SREDable.com reserves the right to change advertised prices and any associated charges without advance notice. Prices are net of any applicable federal and/or provincial taxes unless specifically quoted or otherwise referenced in writing. While SREDable.com makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of it’s invoicing, it is understood that the failure to invoice a relevant tax does not remove the purchaser’s liability for same.

All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars.

License Agreements

Single-user license

A Single-user license allows the client to use one copy of SREDable per claim year. A copy of the software license is available here.

The Software is licensed to the client only, and may not be sub-licensed, transferred, rented, lent, sold or otherwise disposed of to a third party without Amadada Software Inc’s prior written consent.