launches a Technical Description Wizard for SR&ED

Just in time for year end tax season, has launched a web application wizard that auto-generates a SR&ED technical description ready for transfer to the t661.

Yes, it’s true. A software app that generates a SR&ED technical description. A CRA compliant SR&ED technical description.

We think that’s pretty cool and a bit magical when you see it work.

At the moment’s technical description wizard is designed for use by Software companies only. Beta versions are available for other industries. The app is free until you decide that you wish to make a SR&ED claim. Create an Account at

If you are interested in offering the solution to clients or in becoming an Accounting Partner or reseller, please contact  or me for agent pricing. SREDable takes the risk out of making a SR&ED claim.

Best Regards,

David Kaplan
An Amadada Software Inc product
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