A New SR&ED App

Connect-the-dots to a compliant SR&ED claim. has launched a simple application for Software SR&ED claims, in Canada.

It’s revolutionary because simply following SREDable’s online wizard ensures that your SR&ED claim meets the CRA’s interpretation of SR&ED.

The app qualifies projects, sorts expenses, and writes your technical description, all online. For a full list of features click SREDable Features.  Or watch a 4 minute animated video on YouTube® or in high def at By clicking “Submit Claim” out pops a complete SR&ED claim ready to be imported into CCH Taxprep® or Intuit Profile® along with how to import instructions.

SREDable is free to use until you decide that you wish to make a SR&ED claim.

It is used by small companies like Ecobuddies and large companies like Nokia to record their R&D.
SR&ED claim information is securely available online to Company Managers, Accountants and the CRA.

If you are interested in offering the solution to clients or in becoming an Accounting Partner or reseller, please contact  or me for agent pricing.

Best Regards,

David Kaplan
An Amadada Software Inc product